AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-09Added SQLite + pilot-link compile issuesElmar Klausmeier
2022-09-12Upgraded to feature-gtk3 commit from 03-Aug-2022Elmar Klausmeier
2021-11-06Added slang as dependency, thanks to Omar PakkerElmar Klausmeier
2021-11-01Version 2.0.1, added SQLite pluginElmar Klausmeier
2020-02-27Added ARM architecture, changed from tar file to githubElmar Klausmeier
2018-01-30Download location on has changed.Elmar Klausmeier
2016-10-03git-merge did not start, so this program is patchedElmar Klausmeier
2016-07-03package disownedJaroslav Lichtblau
2014-12-04jpilot-1.8.2-1Jaroslav Lichtblau
2014-11-28.AURINFO file removedJaroslav Lichtblau
2014-11-28Initial PKGBUILD status as of 28.11.2014Jaroslav Lichtblau