AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
41 hoursfix the PKGBUILDPhillip Schichtel
2023-10-04upgrade to 13.0.7 and switch to jprofiler13Phillip Schichtel
2023-02-07update to 13.0.5Phillip Schichtel
2022-02-28update to 13.0Phillip Schichtel
2021-08-11update to 12.0.3Phillip Schichtel
2021-04-05update to 12.0.2Phillip Schichtel
2020-09-14update to 11.1.4Phillip Schichtel
2020-06-05Update to 11.1.3Phillip Schichtel
2019-03-28update to jprofiler 11Phillip Schichtel
2018-11-07fixup versionPhillip Schichtel
2018-11-07update to 10.1.4Phillip Schichtel
2018-04-15replace /usr/bin/jprofiler symlink by a script to fix the library search pathPhillip Schichtel
2018-03-15update to 10.1Phillip Schichtel
2017-06-02some code cleanupPhillip Schichtel
2017-04-25updated to 10.0.1Phillip Schichtel
2017-03-15updated to 10.0Phillip Schichtel
2016-12-04updated to 9.2.1 and disabled the symbol strippingPhillip Schichtel
2016-07-28updated to 9.2Phillip Schichtel
2016-04-10initPhillip Schichtel