AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-15Updated to 1.3.0Barry Smith
2016-07-21Update PKGBUILD to remove offensive whitespaceJohn D Jones III
2016-07-03Fix up the build/install processJohn D Jones III
2016-06-14Update 1.2.1John D Jones III
2015-10-02Fix MD5John D Jones III
2014-10-15jreen 1.2.0Kuba Serafinowski
2014-02-28small changesKuba Serafinowski
2013-12-14incremental updates for some PKGBUILDsKuba Serafinowski
2013-10-24fix jreen compilationKuba Serafinowski
2013-06-12change jreen's url to github as is downKuba Serafinowski
2013-06-08little thingsKuba Serafinowski
2013-03-03Build all packages with qt4Kuba Serafinowski
2013-01-12jreen 1.1.1Kuba Serafinowski
2012-04-15change jreen's website url and descriptionKuba Serafinowski
2012-04-15jreen 1.1.0Kuba Serafinowski
2012-04-10typofixKuba Serafinowski
2012-04-04cut unnecessary fatKuba Serafinowski
2012-03-30 bump for jreen 1.0.5Kuba Serafinowski
2012-03-28bump for jreen 1.0.4Kuba Serafinowski
2012-03-15add repo url to headersKuba Serafinowski
2012-03-14upstream jreen 1.0.3Kuba Serafinowski
2012-03-12upstream jreen 1.0.2Kuba Serafinowski
2011-11-14make it work with a temporary download linkKuba Serafinowski
2011-11-13add stable jreen PKGBUILD, although it doesn't work due to faulty download linkKuba Serafinowski