AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysBump to 2.2.0opty
2019-03-31force gradle wrapper, remove gradle makedep, force jdk=8 for building because...opty
2019-03-30bump to 2.1.0 and change package to build entirely from source. Thx to @dekoopty
2019-01-04bump to version 2.0.3opty
2018-12-27Updated .SRCINFOopty
2018-12-27Don't strip wrapper binariesopty
2018-12-27bump to 2.0.0opty
2018-09-24fixed typo in pkgdescopty
2018-09-24bump to 1.9 build 29opty
2018-08-31bump to 1.8 build 28opty
2018-08-27bump to 1.8 build 27opty
2018-08-09bump to 1.7 build 24opty
2018-07-11v1.6b20 + new scriptopty
2018-07-07Changed rights + added desktop iconopty
2018-07-06added good url and descriptionopty
2018-07-06removed wrong urlopty
2018-07-06initial packageopty