AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-30bump to 1.8.2Moelf
2022-08-18bump julia to 1.8.0Jerry Ling
2022-08-10update to 1.8.0-rc4Moelf
2022-07-15update to v1.8.0-rc3Jerry Ling
2022-07-01bump to 1.8.0-rc1Jerry Ling
2022-03-31update to 1.8.0-beta3Valentin Churavy
2022-03-02Julia 1.8.0-beta1Valentin Churavy
2021-11-09bump to rc2Valentin Churavy
2021-09-26update to 1.7-rc1Valentin Churavy
2021-08-31fix srcdirValentin Churavy
2021-08-31update to 1.7.0-beta4Valentin Churavy
2021-08-09update SRCINFOValentin Churavy
2021-08-09install libexecValentin Churavy
2021-08-09update to beta3Valentin Churavy
2021-08-09add vchuravy as maintainerValentin Churavy
2021-06-23Updating to 1.7.0-beta2Brenton Horne
2021-03-24Updating to rc3Brenton Horne
2021-02-10Updating to 1.6.0-rc1Brenton Horne
2020-06-29Bumping to 1.5.0-rc1Brenton Horne
2020-06-22Exp gitignoreBrenton Horne
2020-06-22Rm vim lineBrenton Horne
2020-06-22+iconsBrenton Horne
2020-06-22May be best to have julia as provides, not julia-betaBrenton Horne
2020-06-22Fixing descBrenton Horne
2020-06-22Upd confl, +deps, fx lic inst loc, + maint infoBrenton Horne
2020-06-22Initial commitBrenton Horne