AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-08julia-git: sync with extra/juliaNarrat
2023-06-15Updating optdependsBrenton Horne
2022-01-22- Let julia build more own chosen deps:Marco Munari
2021-02-07update .SRCINFO as `makepkg --printsrcinfo`Marco Munari
2021-02-04a preexisting attempt to rm depot/compiled compromized check resultMarco Munari
2021-02-03use more of the julia provided deps/; remove two patches; succeed testsMarco Munari
2021-02-03NOP: put in comparable order depends according to Make.userMarco Munari
2021-02-03fix patch to Makefile; add `(make)depends` zlib p7zip patchelf to meet Make.userMarco Munari
2021-02-03NOP: space only change to prepare clearer changes to depends and makedependsMarco Munari
2020-06-241.6.0.DEV.r47019.g8db94953f2c->1.6.0.DEV.r47020.gb59417235f5Brenton Horne
2020-06-241.6.0.DEV.r47018.gfd6eee7da75->1.6.0.DEV.r47019.g8db94953f2cBrenton Horne
2020-06-24Bumping to r47017Brenton Horne
2020-06-23Bumping to r47012Brenton Horne
2020-06-23Fx doc build, syms in doc, deps; rm unused filesBrenton Horne
2020-03-21Julia: Switch protocol from git:// to https://Narrat
2020-01-11Julia: Follow Arch PKGBUILDNarrat
2019-05-22Julia: Adjust patches for 1.3.0 DEVNarrat
2018-11-22Julia: Overhaul regarding 1.0 releaseNarrat
2018-02-23Julia: Use built in LLVMNarrat
2017-12-17Julia: Remove some settings from Make.userNarrat
2017-12-17Julia: move fftw from deps to optNarrat
2017-12-17Julia: openspecfun got droppedNarrat
2017-07-12julia: Depends on llvm 3.9.xNarrat
2017-07-12julia: make blas and lapack a direct dependencyNarrat
2017-07-12julia: reformat dependsNarrat
2016-08-13Julia: kinda reversed checksum for Make.userNarrat
2016-08-12Julia: Some new depsNarrat
2016-05-15Julia: Simplify makedependsNarrat
2016-04-30Julia: Remove install fileNarrat
2016-04-30Julia: Some .gitignores were in the packageNarrat
2015-11-08Julia: Fix build (in general and on i686)Narrat
2015-11-07Julia Forgot one \Narrat
2015-11-07Julia: Put USE_SYSTEM into Make.userNarrat
2015-11-07Julia: The MARCH line currently doesn't workNarrat
2015-11-07Julia: Import the handling from community/juliaNarrat
2015-11-07Julia: SSE2 is requiredNarrat
2015-11-07Julia: Just cosmetic stuffNarrat
2015-11-07Julia: remove non-existing targetsNarrat
2015-09-20Julia: Adjustments for the doc packageNarrat
2015-09-20Julia: Add rev-counterNarrat
2015-09-10Julia: Remove rev counter from pkgverNarrat
2015-06-30Julia: Correct license informationNarrat
2015-06-03Julia: Upstream switched from pcre to pcre2Narrat
2015-05-28Julia: Use system openspecfun and openlibmNarrat
2015-05-28Repair gitignore:Narrat
2015-05-13julia: Latest filesNarrat