AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-04Bump to 1.17.2+k3s1Tyler Brock
2020-01-16Bump to 1.17.0+k3s.1Tyler Brock
2020-01-03updating shas that did not update for some reasonTyler Brock
2019-12-21Bump to 1.0.1Tyler Brock
2019-11-20Bump to 1.0.0Tyler Brock
2019-11-11Bump to 0.10.2Tyler Brock
2019-10-28Update package to support aarch64 + service.envTyler Brock
2019-10-28Bump to 0.10.1Tyler Brock
2019-09-28Bump to 0.9.1Tyler Brock
2019-08-28bump to 0.8.1Tyler Brock
2019-08-09Bump to 0.8.0Tyler Brock
2019-07-25Bump to 0.7.0Tyler Brock
2019-06-20Bump to 0.6.1duxet
2019-06-19Bump to 0.6.0duxet
2019-05-07Bump to 0.5.0duxet
2019-04-17Bump to 0.4.0duxet
2019-03-15Add k3s-git to conflictsduxet
2019-03-09Bump to 0.2.0duxet