AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-27Update kaku-bin to v1.9.0funilrys
2017-05-12Fix recent bugs around video player and autoupdaterfunilrys
2017-04-10Fix error with symlinkfunilrys
2017-04-10Fix error with symlinkfunilrys
2017-04-09Add logo.png for kaku.desktopfunilrys
2017-04-09Update .srcinfo (forgotten)funilrys
2017-04-09Update in order to avoid error(s) with auto update. We do not use *.AppImage ...funilrys
2017-04-09Update .gitignorefunilrys
2017-02-19Fix build error for i686Nissar Chababy
2017-01-28Update kaku-bin to v1.8.5Nissar Chababy
2016-11-15Add i686 supportNissar Chababy
2016-11-05Add libnotify to opdependsMichael Straube
2016-11-05Update to 1.8.0Michael Straube
2015-12-29v1.6.1-1Jordan Klassen
2015-12-07v1.6.0-2: tweak symlink formatJordan Klassen
2015-12-07v1.6.0-1Jordan Klassen
2015-11-261.5.0 (initial)Jordan Klassen