AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-28Drop python2 supportCarlos Aznarán Laos
2019-06-01update to 5.2.3Josef Miegl
2019-03-17update .SRCINFOJosef Miegl
2019-03-17update to 5.2.2 and fix systemd serviceJosef Miegl
2019-02-13add pkgdesc and backup to packagesJosef Miegl
2019-02-12updateJosef Miegl
2019-02-11maintainershipJosef Miegl
2018-04-29Bump to 5.1.3Xavier Devlamynck
2018-03-22Bump to 5.1.2Xavier Devlamynck
2017-06-15Bump to 5.0.2Xavier Devlamynck
2017-04-18Bump to 5.0.1Xavier Devlamynck
2017-01-26Bump to 4.4.5Xavier Devlamynck
2016-11-09Bump to 4.4.4Xavier Devlamynck
2016-09-15Bump to 4.4.3Xavier Devlamynck
2016-07-06Bump to 4.4.2Xavier Devlamynck
2016-03-30Bump to 4.4.0Xavier Devlamynck
2016-03-03Bump to 4.3.5Xavier Devlamynck
2015-12-18Bump to 4.3.4Xavier Devlamynck
2015-06-10Initial commitXavier Devlamynck