AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-01Update to 1.2.0 (first stable release)cubi
2024-02-25Update to v1.1.0-rc.16cubi
2023-11-17Update to v1.1.0-beta.15cubi
2023-08-01Update to v1.1.0-beta.13cubi
2023-05-10Update to v1.1.0.alpha.12cubi
2023-02-06Update to 1.1.0 alpha 11cubi
2023-01-02update to 1.1.0 alpha 10soloturn
2022-08-10Update to 1.1.0 alpha 9cubi
2022-05-01Update to 1.1.0 alpha 8cubi
2022-04-06update PKGBUILD and sync with git version, version alpha 7cubi
2021-10-01Update to 1.1.0-alpha.6cubi
2021-10-01backup: remove service filescubi
2021-08-27original versoin for download urlsoloturn
2021-07-07Alpha 5 + Updated PKGBUILDcubi
2021-06-25service files not in src yetsoloturn
2021-06-25kanidm_unixd_tasks correct source pathsoloturn
2021-06-25correct .so filenames, unixd-taskssoloturn
2021-06-25add cubi as maintainersoloturn
2021-04-02kanidm-1.1.0.alpha.4 sha256soloturn