AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-09minor update with fixesjp1995
2022-06-09documented PKGBUILD alteration and possible issuejp1995
2022-06-09fixed deprecated format for source protocoljp1995
2022-03-09fixed asian streams not working (again)jp1995
2022-03-02fixed setting rofi window width and heightjp1995
2022-03-02Helix API migrationjp1995
2021-03-06maybe fixed pkgbuildjp1995
2021-03-06altered makefile, wrote _updatecheck()jp1995
2021-03-06fixed absolute blunder, other improvementsjp1995
2021-03-05fixed configuration errorsjp1995
2021-03-051.0 releasejp1995
2021-03-04replaced json value display_name with namejp1995
2021-01-19fixing aur dependency error for real nowjp1995
2021-01-19fixed incorrect chatterino dependjp1995
2021-01-19minor improvementsjp1995
2020-08-23quality selection from streamlink config filejp1995
2020-08-22Ability to watch multiple streams, config variable for that. Chatty opens int...jp1995
2020-07-13modified _filecheck with new token generatorjp1995
2020-07-09fix for 2 video players spawnedjp1995
2020-03-21fixed package version again smhjp1995
2020-03-21minor fixes, added media player option to configjp1995
2020-02-11fixing package versionjp1995
2020-02-10Fixing dependsjp1995
2020-02-10trying to tidy up depends a bitjp1995
2020-02-10Fixed package not buildingjp1995
2020-02-10Initial commitjp1995
2020-02-10Initial commitjp1995