AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-05:hammer: update install script to match docsKaraoke Mugen CD
2024-05-05:arrow_up: Increment pkgrelKaraoke Mugen CD
2024-05-04:pushpin: force electron 29 to avoid segfaultKaraoke Mugen CD
2024-03-20change pkgrel so that changes showKaraoke Mugen CD
2024-03-20maybe fix package buildingKaraoke Mugen CD
2024-03-20:arrow_up: fix version numberKaraoke Mugen CD
2023-12-30👷 Update CIKaraoke Mugen CD
2022-11-25allow file protocol in gitLeon
2022-04-03Fix esbuild and electronLeon
2022-01-14Fix electron pathLeon
2022-01-05New version systemLeon
2022-01-05Update to 6.xLeon
2021-10-13Update to 5.1.xLeon
2021-04-25fix halp.Leon
2021-04-25Update to 5.x - Change to Electron 11Leon
2021-03-28Update to 5.xLeon
2020-05-25incrementing pkgrelLeon
2020-05-25Fix prepareLeon
2020-05-25Cleanup; installing with multi-user mode in mindLeon
2020-04-05Now using a dedicated userLeon
2020-03-26Adding an .desktop entry and fixing some issuesLeon
2020-03-25Initial commitLeon