AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 days1.8.3.zer0def
11 daysMerge branch 'kata-containers' of into kata-cont...zer0def
11 daysStep up as maintainer for kata-containers.zer0def
2019-09-23Bump to 1.8.2.zer0def
2019-09-23Bump to 1.8.0.zer0def
2019-09-22Bump to 1.8.2.zer0def
2019-08-04Bump to 1.8.0.zer0def
2019-06-07Update to 1.7.1Kaushal M
2019-05-30Update to 1.7.0~rc1Kaushal M
2019-05-14Update to v1.6.3Kaushal M
2019-04-03Update to v1.6.0Kaushal M
2019-01-28Update to 1.5.0Kaushal M
2018-09-05Update to v1.2.0Kaushal M
2018-08-31Update .SRCINFOKaushal M
2018-08-06Fix urlKaushal M
2018-07-11Initial commit - kata-containers-1.1.0Kaushal M