AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
47 hoursDrop kata-containers-static, since those are only package for latest release.zer0def
11 days1.10.2zer0def
2020-01-161.10.0, for real this time.zer0def
2020-01-161.10.0… sort of.zer0def
2020-01-13In-place update of kata-static release package.zer0def
2019-12-26Don't depend on specific version, even though you should.zer0def
2019-12-19Added static binary distribution to pkgbase.zer0def
2019-12-19Fix directory creation in virtcontainers.zer0def
2019-12-19Use binaries from the static bundle unless they don't exist there.zer0def
2019-12-19Moved kernel and image binaries to binary pkgbase.zer0def
2019-12-19Update description to reflect packaging change.zer0def
2019-12-19Switched PKGBASE to binary-suffixed.zer0def
2019-12-111.9.3Stefan Zwanenburg
2019-12-09Amend Firecracker instructions with clarification on which file to target.zer0def
2019-12-09Remove nemu due to deprecation upstream in upcoming RC. Updated instructions ...zer0def
2019-12-09I like flavors, just not *that* much - fixed sed in configuration files.zer0def
2019-12-09Changes for rootless Kata. Add default configuration files for other hypervis...zer0def
2019-10-30Bump bin packages release number that serve as the source for this PKGBASE.zer0def
2019-10-28Include omitted shim and netmon binaries.zer0def
2019-10-06Merge branch 'kata-containers' of into kata-cont...zer0def
2019-10-06Step up as maintainer for kata-containers.zer0def
2019-09-23Bump to 1.8.2.zer0def
2019-09-23Bump to 1.8.0.zer0def
2019-09-22Bump to 1.8.2.zer0def
2019-08-04Bump to 1.8.0.zer0def
2019-06-07Update to 1.7.1Kaushal M
2019-05-30Update to 1.7.0~rc1Kaushal M
2019-05-14Update to v1.6.3Kaushal M
2019-04-03Update to v1.6.0Kaushal M
2019-01-28Update to 1.5.0Kaushal M
2018-09-05Update to v1.2.0Kaushal M
2018-08-31Update .SRCINFOKaushal M
2018-08-06Fix urlKaushal M
2018-07-11Initial commit - kata-containers-1.1.0Kaushal M