AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysUpdated to version 24.05.1git user
2024-05-27Updated to version 24.05.0.git user
2024-05-27Upstream version update.git user
2024-05-22Increment `$pkgrel` to trigger rebuild.git user
2024-05-19Added 'kcolorscheme' dependencygit user
2024-05-19Update $pkgrel to trigger rebuild.git user
2024-04-17Updated from version 24.02.0 to version 24.02.2.git user
2024-04-03increment $pkgrel to trigger rebuild.git user
2024-03-23Made the 'kwrite' replaces entry versioned to stop replacing possible future ...git user
2024-03-10Updated to Kf6 and version 24.02.0.git user
2023-12-21Updated to version 23.08.4git user
2023-11-10PKGBUILD overhaul: Enclosed all bash variables in curly brackets.git user
2023-11-10Version upgrade to 23.08.3git user
2023-11-10Added `riscv64` and `pentium4` to the `arch` array.git user
2023-11-10fixed `check()`: Corrected the working directory.git user
2023-11-10kuserfeedback -> kuserfeedback5 now not only in optdends but also in makedepe...git user
2023-11-08Corrected dependency 'kuserfeedback' to 'kuserfeedback5'git user
2023-10-31Added `check()` to ´PKGBUILD`.git user
2023-10-31Made it build again.git user
2022-12-06Update to 22.08.3Nafis
2022-07-06Update to 22.04.2Nafis
2022-01-31Update to 21.12.1Nafis
2021-12-24Update to 21.12.0Nafis
2021-12-02Update to 21.08.3Nafis
2021-10-16Update .SRCINFONafis
2021-10-16Update to 21.08.2Nafis
2021-07-18Update to 21.04.3Nafis
2021-05-20Update to 21.04.1Nafis
2021-04-27upgpkg: kate-root 21.04.0-1Nafis
2021-04-27upgpkg: kate-root 20.12.1-1Nafis
2021-04-27upgpkg: kate-root 20.08.0-1Nafis
2021-04-27Add .gitignore fileNafis
2019-06-16upgpkg: kate-root 19.04.2-1David P
2018-04-24update .SRCINFODavid P
2018-04-24upgpkg: kate-root 18.04.0-1David P
2017-10-30Update to 17.08.2-1David P
2017-07-06Update to 17.04.2David P
2017-06-01Initial importDavid P
2017-06-01Initial importDavid P
2017-06-01Initial importDavid P