AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-23Revert "Mark the package as conflicting with the main package."Tom Hacohen
2020-12-22Mark the package as conflicting with the main package.Tom Hacohen
2020-12-22Add a notice about switching to kdepim-runtime.Tom Hacohen
2020-12-09Fix build due to changes in git master.Tom Hacohen
2020-11-14Update etebase dep nam now that it's packaged in Arch.Tom Hacohen
2020-11-11Change to the release/20.12 branch for more stability and fix build.Tom Hacohen
2020-11-07Fix package to build.Tom Hacohen
2020-11-07Also update srcinfo.Tom Hacohen
2020-11-07Change the package to only build and install the etesync resource.Tom Hacohen
2020-11-06Fix build (update version requirement patch).Tom Hacohen
2020-11-01Use the official kde-pim repo now that the code has been merged.Tom Hacohen
2020-10-26Bump versionTom Hacohen
2020-10-26Update to EteSync 2.0's branch until mergedTom Hacohen
2020-09-03Update srcinfo.Tom Hacohen
2020-09-03Depend on etesync-git instead of etesync.Tom Hacohen
2020-09-01Just apply the patch instead of am to not mess with the commit hash.Tom Hacohen
2020-08-21Improve version string calculation and add git to makedpends.Tom Hacohen
2020-08-20Initial commit.Tom Hacohen