AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-14Move to Qt6João Figueiredo
2021-11-28Allow for kwinft to be installed alongside kwinJoão Figueiredo
2021-06-26No need to use KDE -git depsJoão Figueiredo
2021-05-30Initial automated PKGBUILD updateJoão Figueiredo
2021-05-20Remove from plasma-git groupJoão Figueiredo
2021-02-02Updated deps and buildingJoão Figueiredo
2020-11-15Version bumpKyle De'Vir
2020-10-13Version bumpKyle De'Vir
2020-09-27Version bumpKyle De'Vir
2020-09-22Version bumpKyle De'Vir
2020-09-01Version bumpKyle De'Vir
2020-07-20Remove replacesKyle De'Vir
2020-05-29Some PKGBUILD changesKyle De'Vir
2020-05-27Change md5sums to sha512sumsKyle De'Vir
2020-05-27Fix pkgver()Kyle De'Vir
2020-05-26InitialKyle De'Vir