AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-04Update KeePassXC versionJanek Bevendorff
2020-01-02Provide org.freedesktop.secretsDaniel Landau
2019-11-11Bump version to 2.5.1Janek Bevendorff
2019-10-26Update to version 2.5.0Janek Bevendorff
2019-04-13Update to 2.4.1.Janek Bevendorff
2019-02-26Update version and dependenciesJanek Bevendorff
2018-12-09Update deps and versionDaniel Landau
2018-08-23Fix version numberJanek Bevendorff
2018-08-23Update to 2.3.4Janek Bevendorff
2018-05-09Remove curl dependencyJanek Bevendorff
2018-05-09Version 2.3.3Janek Bevendorff
2018-05-08Update to 2.3.2Janek Bevendorff
2018-03-06Update to 2.3.1Janek Bevendorff
2018-02-28Update dependencies and .SRCINFOJanek Bevendorff
2018-02-28Update to 2.3.0Janek Bevendorff
2018-01-25Update for new featuresDaniel Landau
2017-11-28Enable SSH agentDaniel Landau
2017-09-24Fix typoDaniel Landau
2017-09-24Work around upstream bugDaniel Landau
2017-06-18Remove obsolete patch and provides/conflictsDaniel Landau
2017-05-21Bump version numberDaniel Landau
2017-03-16Add yubikey to dependenciesDaniel Landau
2017-02-19Remove dependency not needed anymoreDaniel Landau
2017-01-31Switch back to develop branchDaniel Landau
2017-01-24Use master branch of upstream and conflict with keepassxcDaniel Landau
2017-01-21Re-enable HTTPDaniel Landau
2016-11-09Update for new name of projectDaniel Landau
2016-10-05Provides (keepassx) and Replaces keepassx-httpMax Qian
2016-10-05Merge keepassx-http (Mainly for the Git History)Max Qian
2016-10-01Initial commitDaniel Landau
2016-06-15Fix versionMax Qian
2016-04-16Update to 2.0.2 and change repositoriesMaxqia
2016-01-10Change to 2.0 BranchMaxqia
2015-11-14Fix Reinstall IssueMaxqia
2015-11-12Change Git Branch to 2.0-http-totp-beta2Maxqia
2015-11-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'keepassx-git/master'Maxqia
2015-10-16updateLev Lybin
2015-10-02updateLev Lybin
2015-09-14branch masterLev Lybin
2015-08-25added 2 packages to dependsLev Lybin
2015-08-24new versionLev Lybin
2015-07-23fix make dependsLev Lybin
2015-07-23new version 2.0.beta, changed branch to qt5Lev Lybin
2015-07-16Fix Package NameMax Qia
2015-07-16Merge branch 'keepassx-http-merge-master'Max Qia
2015-07-09Fix bug caused by last commitMaxqia
2015-07-09Small Description ChangesMaxqia
2015-07-09Forked & Modifed from keepassx-gitMaxqia
2015-06-28updated versionLev Lybin
2015-06-12Initial importNarthana Epa