AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-20update 5.5.1 gitJosef Vybíhal
2022-07-20updated gitignoreJosef Vybíhal
2021-12-08Release 5.5.0Josef Vybíhal
2021-09-23master branch is 5.5.0 now, but tag still 5.4.4Josef Vybíhal
2021-09-01fix282.patch no longer neededJosef Vybíhal
2021-08-04Added patch fixing build in gradle 7.xJosef Vybíhal
2020-12-23Rework of the package was doneJosef Vybíhal
2020-11-03bump up to v5.4.4Josef Vybíhal
2020-07-13Fixed sourceJosef Vybíhal
2020-06-29Stop using upstreams gradlew (gradle-wrapper)Josef Vybíhal
2020-06-03The begining of this package.Josef Vybíhal