AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-04Use the upstream faster entry point scriptHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2016-04-11Depend on setuptools-scm from [community]Hugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-11-24Push version to 0.7.0 (informative only)Hugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-08-31Run build in the build() functionHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-08-31Fix typo in man page generationHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-08-31Fix documentation generationHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-08-31Remove obsolete commentsHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-08-31Use to determine pkgverHugo Osvaldo Barrera
2015-07-30python-pkginfo is in fact a runtime dependancyÉtienne Deparis
2015-06-29New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2015-06-03New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2015-05-04New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2015-05-04Woopsie, forgot to push new khal.installÉtienne Deparis
2015-05-04New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2015-02-08Refresh a bit this packageÉtienne Deparis
2015-01-05First try of dev-aurÉtienne Deparis