AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-29Update to v2.2.1 and clean up packageDaniel Schopf
2020-02-24Update name of the models packageDaniel Schopf
2020-02-16Fix the zsh completion folderDaniel Schopf
2020-02-16Provide a hint about the new kim-api-models packageDaniel Schopf
2020-02-16Don't remove cmake files and store completions in correct foldersDaniel Schopf
2020-02-15Update dependenciesDaniel Schopf
2019-10-06update to v2.1.3Daniel Schopf
2019-07-30update to v2.1.2Daniel Schopf
2019-07-18fix wrong command name in post-install messageDaniel Schopf
2019-07-18update to v2.1.0Daniel Schopf
2019-03-30update to v2.0.2Daniel Schopf
2019-02-10update to v2.0.0Daniel Schopf
2019-02-03Backport a fix for installing models and fix CMake build issueDaniel Schopf
2018-12-27Initial commitDaniel Schopf