AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-13Migrate to Qt6 (this time for real!)João Figueiredo
2023-02-06Migrate to Qt6João Figueiredo
2021-05-30Initial automated PKGBUILD updateJoão Figueiredo
2021-02-01Merged with official ABS kio PKGBUILDJoão Figueiredo
2020-11-26Removed groups=('kf5'), could cause issues when using unofficial repos. Thank...João Figueiredo
2020-06-27Updated sourcesJoão Figueiredo
2020-03-12also update srcinfo…Daniel Albers
2020-03-12Revert "Update source"Daniel Albers
2020-03-12Use tag based versioningDaniel Albers
2020-03-12Update sourceDaniel Albers
2016-06-12remove install file provided by hooksAlad Wenter
2016-06-12deprecation warningsAlad Wenter
2016-02-23karchive-git: satisfied by solid-gitAlad Wenter
2016-02-23kdoctools-gitAlad Wenter
2015-06-08Initial importAntonio Rojas