AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-04Update to v6.17Dāvis Mosāns
2020-05-25- fixes for changed c++ stlOliver Mangold
2020-04-26adding backup entries for module config filesOliver Mangold
2020-04-22- fix blacklisting of gstreamer kmscorepluginsOliver Mangold
2020-04-22- recreate from scratchOliver Mangold
2018-11-16Fixed building with newer gstreamer and glibAlexander Susha
2018-05-08MergeAlexander Susha
2018-05-08Fixed building with GCC 8.1Alexander Susha
2018-04-17Fixed deprecation errorAlexander Susha
2018-04-16Fixed SRCINFOAlexander Susha
2018-04-14Upgrade. Added a patch for a gstreamer plugin.Alexander Susha
2018-02-12Initial commitAlexander Susha