AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-20Add aarch64Aetf
2022-06-19Use arch-meson and fix warnings in namcapAetf
2022-06-15Add meson to makedependsAetf
2022-06-15Move to mesonAetf
2021-01-30Remove unused argsAetf
2020-09-22Add git as makedependsAetf
2019-12-15Update pkgverAetf
2018-09-05Update libexecdir since upstream now includes pkgname by defaultPeifeng Yu
2018-07-25Update due to upstream install directory changeAetf
2018-05-28Update homepage urlAetf
2018-03-30Add armv7hPeifeng Yu
2018-01-03InitialPeifeng Yu