AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-16Update header comments in PKGBUILDRyan Holloman
2022-02-26corrected file extension for the kodestudio-linux.tar.xz (used to be .tar.gz)...Ryan Holloman
2022-02-26corrected file extension for the kodestudio-linux.tar.xz (used to be .tar.gz)...Ryan Holloman
2022-02-26updated the file name of the file KodeStudio-linux64.tar.xz to KodeStudio-Lin...Ryan Holloman
2022-02-26updated PKGBUILD and .SRCINFO files with correct ssh256sum for KodeStudio-Lin...Ryan Holloman
2022-02-26updated to latest version: 18.11Ryan Holloman
2017-11-04Fix wrong kind of quote in PKGBUILDTom Bebbington
2017-11-04Fix misname in optional dependencies of g++Tom Bebbington
2017-11-04Skip stripping and automatically fetch latest version number using Github APITom Bebbington
2017-11-04Remove old VS Code provides, and add some optional dependencies for build tar...Tom Bebbington
2017-11-03Now packages Kode Studio, forked from visual-studio-codeTom Bebbington
2017-10-17Update to 1.17.2D. Can Celasun
2017-10-11Update to 1.17.1D. Can Celasun
2017-10-05Update to 1.17.0D. Can Celasun
2017-10-04Better .desktop fileD. Can Celasun
2017-09-15Update to 1.16.1D. Can Celasun
2017-09-07Update to 1.16.0D. Can Celasun
2017-08-17Reintroduce StartupWMClassD. Can Celasun
2017-08-16Update to 1.15.1D. Can Celasun
2017-08-10Update to 1.15.0D. Can Celasun
2017-08-05Remove StartupWMClassD. Can Celasun
2017-08-04CosmeticsD. Can Celasun
2017-08-04Switch to sha256 checksums to match upstreamD. Can Celasun
2017-07-21Update to 1.14.2D. Can Celasun
2017-07-14Update to 1.14.1D. Can Celasun
2017-07-11Update to 1.14D. Can Celasun
2017-06-15Update to 1.13.1D. Can Celasun
2017-06-09Update to 1.13.0D. Can Celasun
2017-05-16Update to 1.12.2D. Can Celasun
2017-05-05Update to 1.12.1D. Can Celasun
2017-04-28Update maintainer emailsD. Can Celasun
2017-04-13Update to 1.11.2D. Can Celasun
2017-04-06Update to 1.11.1D. Can Celasun
2017-04-06Update to 1.11D. Can Celasun
2017-03-08Update to 1.10.2D. Can Celasun
2017-03-02Update to 1.10.1D. Can Celasun
2017-03-01Update to 1.10D. Can Celasun
2017-02-09Update to 1.9.1D. Can Celasun
2017-02-02Update to 1.9.0D. Can Celasun
2017-01-15Fix checksumsD. Can Celasun
2017-01-15Better .desktop fileD. Can Celasun
2016-12-19Update to 1.8.1D. Can Celasun
2016-12-15Update to 1.8.0D. Can Celasun
2016-11-22Update to 1.7.2D. Can Celasun
2016-11-08Add gvfs dependencyD. Can Celasun
2016-11-03Update to 1.7.1D. Can Celasun
2016-10-13Update to 1.6.1Can Celasun
2016-10-11Add libxss dependencyCan Celasun
2016-10-10Update to 1.6.0Can Celasun
2016-09-27Better download URL (no more hashes and timestamps)D. Can Celasun