AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-15Update to 0.17.0Joshua Prince
2024-03-25Update to 0.16.1Joshua Prince
2024-03-23Update to 0.16.0Joshua Prince
2023-10-22Update to 0.15.0Joshua Prince
2023-10-06Update to 0.14.1Eric Cheng
2023-05-04Update to 0.13.0Eric Cheng
2023-04-24Added fuse3 as optional dependencyEric Cheng
2022-10-10Update to 0.12.1Eric Cheng
2022-09-28Update to 0.12.0Eric Cheng
2022-07-15Fixed checksumsEric Cheng
2022-07-15Fixed packaging errorEric Cheng
2022-07-15Update to 0.11.3Eric Cheng
2022-07-08Update to 0.11.2Eric Cheng
2022-07-05Update to 0.11.1Eric Cheng
2022-07-05Update to 0.11.0Eric Cheng
2022-04-07update to 0.10.7Eric Cheng
2022-03-10update to 0.10.6Eric Cheng
2022-02-13update to 0.10.5Eric Cheng
2022-02-04update to 0.10.4Eric Cheng
2022-02-02update to 0.10.3Eric Cheng
2022-01-14update to 0.10.1Eric Cheng
2022-01-14update to 0.10.0Eric Cheng
2021-12-26update to 0.9.8Eric Cheng
2021-12-06update to 0.9.7Eric Cheng
2021-11-23update to 0.9.6Eric Cheng
2021-11-07update to 0.9.5Eric Cheng
2021-10-23update to 0.9.4Eric Cheng
2021-10-18update to 0.9.3Eric Cheng
2021-10-15update to 0.9.2Eric Cheng
2021-10-14update to 0.9.1Eric Cheng
2021-10-09update to 0.9.0Eric Cheng
2021-04-26update to 0.8.4Eric Cheng
2021-04-22update to 0.8.3Eric Cheng
2021-04-17update to 0.8.2Eric Cheng
2021-04-16better naming logicEric Cheng
2021-04-16adding shell completion scriptsEric Cheng
2021-04-11update to 0.8.1Eric Cheng
2021-04-10fixed source urlsEric Cheng
2021-04-10update to 0.8.0Eric Cheng
2021-04-05update to 0.8.0-beta4Eric Cheng
2021-03-22update to 0.8.0-beta3Eric Cheng
2021-03-16more readable installEric Cheng
2021-03-15removed unnecessary chmodEric Cheng
2021-03-15initial updateEric Cheng