AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
35 hoursbump version to 1.12.1-3Dennis Oehme
35 hoursbump version to 1.12.1-c8d5a187d72e0564ab7f2777fe9620d925664873Dennis Oehme
36 hoursbump version to 1.12.1-2Dennis Oehme
4 daysbump version to 1.12.1Dennis Oehme
8 daysbump version to 1.12.0Dennis Oehme
2019-03-05bump version to 1.11.1 / added autocompletion for zsh/bash (thx niallm90)Dennis Oehme
2019-01-03bump version to 1.11.0Dennis Oehme
2019-01-02bump version to 1.10.1Dennis Oehme
2018-08-18bump version to 1.10.0Dennis Oehme
2018-07-31fixed checksum issue for cached filesDennis Oehme
2018-07-24bump version to 1.9.22Dennis Oehme
2018-06-18bump version to 1.9.1Dennis Oehme
2018-04-12bump version to 1.9.0Dennis Oehme
2018-02-12bump version to 1.8.1Dennis Oehme
2018-02-12bump version to 1.8.1Dennis Oehme
2017-12-04bump version to 1.8.0Dennis Oehme
2017-11-20bump version to 1.7.1Dennis Oehme
2017-05-26Initial commitDennis Oehme