AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysnew 1.2.2 releasedigitalone
2019-11-04new 1.2.1 releasedigitalone
2019-10-21new 1.2.0 releasedigitalone
2019-09-24new 1.1.9 releasedigitalone
2019-09-07new 1.1.8 releasedigitalone
2019-08-22new release, new icons and other fixesdigitalone
2019-08-01new releasedigitalone
2019-07-22new release with additional themedigitalone
2019-06-29new style, new icons and other fixesdigitalone
2019-06-21new icons and many fixdigitalone
2019-06-07theme name changed to Kora, new icons and other fixesdigitalone
2019-05-22new icons and other fixesdigitalone
2019-05-13added HiDPI supportdigitalone
2019-05-06new icons and some fixesdigitalone
2019-05-02fixed iconsdigitalone
2019-04-25fixed GNOME iconsdigitalone
2019-04-24fixed iconsdigitalone
2019-04-11use install command rather than mkdir and syntax fixed in PKGBUILDdigitalone
2019-04-11install script added; license and readme saved to usr/share directoriesdigitalone
2019-04-05fixed icons, added new icons and symlinksdigitalone
2019-03-17fixed icons and added new onesdigitalone
2019-03-10fixed index.themedigitalone
2019-03-10fixed index.themedigitalone
2019-03-10new index.theme structure, icons fixed and updateddigitalone
2019-02-24fixed icons, new mimetypesdigitalone
2019-02-23added light themedigitalone
2019-01-28updated emblem iconsdigitalone
2019-01-19fixed emblem icons and md5sumdigitalone
2019-01-19fixed emblem iconsdigitalone
2018-12-16icon fixed and new symlinksdigitalone
2018-12-15many improvements to KDE Desktop and preferences icons fixeddigitalone
2018-12-14new releasedigitalone
2018-12-12new release and license fixed to GPL3digitalone
2018-12-10new version - updated and added iconsdigitalone
2018-12-08new release picked from githubdigitalone
2018-12-08release fixdigitalone
2018-12-08new versiondigitalone
2018-12-06first pushdigitalone