AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-29Update AUR for 0.4.1Hunter Peavey
2021-04-23Update emailHunter Peavey
2021-04-23Update AUR for 0.4.0Hunter Peavey
2021-04-07Switch to new gpg key; update to 0.3.2Hunter Peavey
2021-04-07Update AUR to version 0.3.1Hunter Peavey
2021-04-01Update to new github upstreamHunter Peavey
2021-03-22Fix issue with gpg keyHunter Peavey
2021-03-22Update AUR for 0.2.0Hunter Peavey
2021-02-22Fix man pagesHunter Peavey
2021-02-22Remove unnecessary blank lineHunter Peavey
2021-02-22Add man pagesHunter Peavey
2021-02-22Initial commitHunter Peavey