AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-295.115.0-4: remove useless PGP key check bcz upstream's signing key expired in...Marcell Meszaros
2024-03-285.115.0-3: fix upstream URLMarcell Meszaros
2024-03-285.115.0-2: modernize license, declare all direct depends, silence CMake dev w...Marcell Meszaros
2024-03-28chore: adjust formatting, change to b2sums & repo as upstream URL.Marcell Meszaros
2024-02-10upgpkg: 5.115.0-1: KDE Frameworks 5.115Antonio Rojas
2024-02-03KDE Frameworks 5.115Antonio Rojas
2024-01-13upgpkg: 5.114.0-1: KDE Frameworks 5.114.0Antonio Rojas
2024-01-06KDE Frameworks 5.114.0Antonio Rojas
2023-12-14upgpkg: 5.113.0-1: Update to 5.113.0Antonio Rojas
2023-12-02Update to 5.113.0Antonio Rojas
2023-11-12upgpkg: 5.112.0-1: KDE Frameworks 5.112.0Antonio Rojas
2023-11-04KDE Frameworks 5.112Antonio Rojas
2023-10-19upgpkg: 5.111.0-1: KDE Frameworks 5.111.0Antonio Rojas
2023-10-09Drop providesAntonio Rojas
2023-10-08KDE Frameworks 5.111Antonio Rojas
2023-10-05upgpkg: 5.110.0-2: Rename kf5 packagesAntonio Rojas
2023-09-30upgpkg: 5.110.0-1: Rename kf5 packagesAntonio Rojas