AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-07Update to version 1.6.13Carl Smedstad
2021-04-25Add new maintainer to PKGBUILDCarl Smedstad
2020-07-30Update to 1.6.12David Birks
2020-07-30Update to 1.6.11David Birks
2019-08-19Update to 1.6.10David Birks
2019-07-19Update to 1.6.9David Birks
2019-06-10Add previous maintainers as contributorsDavid Birks
2019-06-07Update to 1.6.8 and add shell completionDavid Birks
2019-02-05update kubetail to version 1.6.7Victor Demonchy
2018-11-13Add the original maintainer as contributor in PKGBUILDVictor Demonchy
2018-11-12update kubetail to version 1.6.5Victor Demonchy
2018-10-08update kubetail to version 1.6.4Victor Demonchy
2017-12-21update kubetail to version 1.4.3Wael M. Nasreddine
2017-06-12initial commitWael M. Nasreddine