AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-07Bump to 9.0.0Bilal Taşdelen
2023-02-20Bump to 8.1.9Bilal Taşdelen
2023-01-30Bump to 8.1.8Bilal Taşdelen
2023-01-27Forgot to commit kuro scriptBilal Taşdelen
2023-01-27Forgot to commit kuro scriptBilal Taşdelen
2023-01-27Fix electron version at kuro script. Remove refs to ao.Bilal Taşdelen
2023-01-27Update kuro to 8.1.7. Update electron dependency to 22.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-12-04Revert to electron18 to fix theme issue.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-12-03Compile from source instead of the binary.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-12-03Add source files for compileBilal Taşdelen
2022-11-07Bump to 8.1.6.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-09-11Bump to 8.1.5.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-07-27Bump to 8.1.4.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-06-22Added binary link.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-06-22Package creation.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-06-22Bump to 8.1.3.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-04-19Bump to 8.1.0Bilal Taşdelen
2022-03-22Change repository to another working one (kuro).Bilal Taşdelen
2021-10-23Switched to fork https://github.com/pythonInRelay/ao/. Updated version to 7.0.1Bilal Taşdelen
2020-03-17Update dependspeeweep
2019-10-07Update symbolic linkspeeweep
2019-08-18update mailRatbot
2019-08-02Delete useless icon folderRatbot
2019-08-02Fix: no iconRatbot
2019-08-02Update to 6.9.0Ratbot
2019-02-24Upgrade to 6.8naramski
2018-06-10Version 5.6.0naramski
2018-05-05Forgot update of SRCINFOnaramski
2018-05-03Update to version 5.5.0naramski
2018-04-05Version 5.4.0.naramski
2018-01-23Update to 5.3.0bep
2018-01-09Fix symbolic linkbep