AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysUpdate to 2024-07-11Tim Schumacher
11 daysAdapt the package to the new upstreamTim Schumacher
2024-04-17Update to 2024-04-17Tim Schumacher
2023-11-08Update the executable name to be lowercaseTim Schumacher
2023-06-28Add qt6-multimedia to the package dependenciesTim Schumacher
2023-05-17Add qt6-svg to the package dependenciesTim Schumacher
2023-04-11Update to 2023-04-11Tim Schumacher
2023-04-04Provide a proper desktop iconTim Schumacher
2023-04-04Update Ladybird to the latest upstream location and versionTim Schumacher
2023-04-04Remove the serenity-wallpapers subpackageTim Schumacher
2023-04-04Take over package maintainershipTim Schumacher
2023-04-01Spring cleanupAntonio Rojas
2022-08-12Addressed comments' suggestionsblmayer
2022-08-11Added PKGBUILD and scriptblmayer