AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysRemove vcpkg from the build dependenciesTim Schumacher
12 daysUpdate dependencies and icon pathTim Schumacher
2024-07-04Adapt the package to the new upstreamTim Schumacher
2024-04-17Disable building separate debug packagesTim Schumacher
2023-11-08Update the executable name to be uppercaseTim Schumacher
2023-06-28Add qt6-multimedia to the package dependenciesTim Schumacher
2023-05-17Add qt6-svg to the package dependenciesTim Schumacher
2023-05-03Pull in package updates from the `ladybird` packageTim Schumacher
2022-12-04Fixed runtime bugblmayer
2022-11-24Updated upstream in srcinfoblmayer
2022-11-24Updated package releaseblmayer
2022-11-24Updated upstream URLblmayer
2022-09-12Initial commit, based on the "ladybird" AUR packageAlexander F. Rødseth