AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-24lain.imap: various improvements1. allow special chars in password2. make it g...Luca CPZ fix calendar icons not displaying; closes #410Luca CPZ
2018-11-14Merge pull request #409 from seregaxvm/gapadd screen and tag arguments to use...Luca CPZ
2018-11-05allow separator colors to be updatedLuca CPZ
2018-10-30{alsa,pulse}bar: added margins/paddings argsLuca CPZ
2018-10-28{alsa,pulse}bar: added margins/paddings argsLuca CPZ
2018-09-15util.markup: fixed typosLuca CPZ add options for displaying 3 months spanning the dateLuca CPZ
2018-08-30widget.imap: ensure to get unseen messages; #400Luca CPZ
2018-08-07widget.contrib.kbdlayout removed, please use awful.widget.keyboardlayout; clo...Luca CPZ
2018-08-06Merge pull request #398 from BarbUk/feature/tpbat/configurable-battery-thresh...Luca CPZ
2018-08-01wiki updatedLuca CPZ
2018-07-31widget.bat: fixed ac variable; improved autodetection; #397Luca CPZ
2018-07-31widget.bat: add failsafe ACLuca CPZ
2018-07-26widget.bat: move fallback ac to autodetection functionLuca CPZ
2018-07-25widget.bat: autodetection function; closes #340 #389Luca CPZ
2018-07-20centerwork: remove capi referenceLuca CPZ
2018-07-20centerwork: mouse_resize_handler added; #395Luca CPZ
2018-03-14widget.fs: adjust spacing in notifications when there are > 10 long pathsLuca CPZ
2018-02-25widget.fs: assure that each processed partition has non nil infos; awesome-co...Luca CPZ
2018-02-23helpers: improved i/o functionsLuca CPZ
2018-02-22util.quake: check if client exists when moving it to another tagLuca CPZ
2018-02-17{alsa,pulse}bar: fallback for mywibox variable; closes #384Luca CPZ
2018-02-17util.menu_iterator: cleaned indentation; added wiki entry; closes #386Luca CPZ
2018-02-16fs: pure Gio implementation; #272Luca CPZ
2018-02-15layout.centerwork: improved codeLuca CPZ
2018-01-23bat: notify full only once before dischargingLuca CPZ
2018-01-23Merge branch 'cool-cool-sweat-master'Luca CPZ
2017-12-19helpers: async_with_shell addedLuca CPZ
2017-12-15Merge branch 'alfunx-calendar-rm-newline'Luca CPZ
2017-12-09Merge pull request #371 from medivhok/masteradded awful library requireLuca CPZ
2017-11-19upstream url updatedLuca CPZ
2017-10-07pulseaudio -> pulse; scallback merged into cmd (read wiki)Luca CPZ
2017-09-13pulseaudio -> pulse; scallback merged into cmd (read wiki)Luke Bonham
2017-09-11Weather widget working without utc_offsetLuke Bonham
2017-09-05quake: iterate on all screens; #339Luke Bonham
2017-09-05util.quake: removed onlyone parameters; wiki updated; counters #339Luke Bonham
2017-09-04removed whitespaced signatures; wiki updatedLuke Bonham
2017-08-29revert a5b05fa; #310Luke Bonham
2017-08-28Merge pull request #359 from rohieb/mpd-port-from-environment-for-mastermpd: ...Luke Bonham
2017-08-18optimised PNGsLuke Bonham
2017-08-14widget.contrib.gpmdp: moved to awesome-www recipes; closes #354 #343 #342Luke Bonham
2017-07-25imap: add notify option to disable notifications (read the wiki)Luke Bonham
2017-07-25weather: added showpopup option; closes #352Luke Bonham
2017-07-21calendar: let ability to disable icon (see notes section in the wiki); closes...Luke Bonham
2017-07-15widget.contrib.task: use shell for spawn_cmd, set title to static 'task next'Luke Bonham
2017-07-10quake: avoid calling compute_size whenever possibleLuke Bonham
2017-06-27alsabar: rename flag 'mute' to 'playback' in order to avoid confusion; fixes ...Luke Bonham
2017-06-25counter pull #344: don't rely on awful.layout.layouts array, but point direct...Luke Bonham
2017-05-19fs: fix short circuit notificationLuke Bonham