AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysupdate to 5Jun2019physkets
2019-03-29add version restriction on kim-apiphyskets
2019-03-18change optional build procedurephyskets
2019-03-18conditional makedeps and hard-code versionphyskets
2019-03-18change deps and build docs by defaultphyskets
2019-03-18switch to cmake, and change versioningphyskets
2019-01-25Update to 12Dec18xpt
2017-11-08Update to 11Aug17-1xpt
2017-04-03Update to 31Mar17-1xpt
2017-01-11Update to 17Nov16-1xpt
2016-08-16Update to 30Jul16-1xpt
2016-07-17Update to 14May16xpt
2016-07-17Update to 14May16-1xpt
2016-02-15Update to 16Feb16xpt
2015-09-11Update to 1.0.0xpt
2015-09-11Update to 10Aug15xpt
2015-07-17Update to 15May15xpt
2015-07-17Initial importxpt