AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-22increment pkgrel, change .SRCINFO, update package databaseDarren Wu
2019-01-22cleanupDarren Wu
2018-09-06Updated Download Links. Temporally Dropping Support for i686Albert Westra
2016-11-08Removed openssl version from dependencyava1ar
2016-08-28Updated to 4.1.20ava1ar
2016-07-24Updating dependencies and removed unneeded openssl-related hackava1ar
2016-02-22Updated to 4.0.0ava1ar
2016-01-07Source links updated to include versionava1ar
2016-01-06Updated to 3.2.16ava1ar
2015-10-21Updated to match new sourceava1ar
2015-08-23Patching to use latest openssl instead of 0.9.8ava1ar
2015-06-16Initial importava1ar