AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-08adds external ldflags to linker stagefuero
2019-11-25maintenance release - still buildsfuero
2019-02-22maintenance release - still buildsfuero
2018-11-25Fixing version number in arch package and go build.frealgagu
2018-11-19maintenance - still compiles and worksfuero
2018-09-12maintenance - still compiles with 7d86278fuero
2018-08-28bump to current revfuero
2018-08-13version bump, tests theory about path manglingfuero
2018-08-11Adds co-maintainer commentfuero
2018-08-11Corrects binary "stamping", bumps the version to current HEADfuero
2018-08-10Adds conflicts/providesfuero
2018-08-10adds missing .SRCINFOfuero
2018-08-10Now points to master branch, minor fixesfuero
2018-08-07initial commitRobert F├╝hricht