AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-25update to version 23.2Andreas Tennert
2023-05-07update to version 23.1Andreas Tennert
2023-05-06remove unnecessary build dependencyAndreas Tennert
2022-07-23add libxcrypt-compat as dependencyAndreas Tennert
2022-04-14update to version 22.1Andreas Tennert
2021-08-03update to version 21.3Andreas Tennert
2021-02-20update to version 21.2Andreas Tennert
2021-01-23add version 21.1 of lcarswmAndreas Tennert
2020-11-17adjusting the description to contain lcarsdeAndreas Tennert
2020-11-17initial commit of lcarswm, release 20.3Andreas Tennert