AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-14Enable TTF package, add epoch so people with old packages get updatedCaleb Maclennan
2020-04-14Disable ttf-league-spartan package blocked by AUR conflictCaleb Maclennan
2020-04-14Split OTF/TTF/Variable packages, update to 2.201Caleb Maclennan
2020-03-12Don't package OTF fonts in TTF package, drop obsolete dependenciesCaleb Maclennan
2019-08-26Cleanup bash shell quoting using shellhardenCaleb Maclennan
2018-09-01Update .gitignore file for easy bulk repository managementCaleb Maclennan
2018-02-22PKGBUILD cleanupLightDot
2016-02-15Bad urleeva
2016-02-15Initial commiteeva