AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-20Update to v3.66.0.opale95
2022-02-05Update to 3.65.0.opale95
2021-12-31Update to 3.64.0.opale95
2021-11-28Update to 3.63.4.opale95
2021-11-12Update to 3.63.3.opale95
2021-11-11Update to 3.63.2.opale95
2021-11-07Update to 3.63.1, enabled the caca output plugin again.opale95
2021-11-04Disable building of the caca output plugin.opale95
2021-11-02Update to 3.63.0.opale95
2021-09-25Update to 3.62.1.opale95
2021-09-12Update to 3.62.0, makedepends packages removed due to web_ui deprecation.opale95
2021-08-28Update to 3.61.2.stardust95
2021-08-23Update to 3.61.1.stardust95
2021-08-18Update to 3.61.0. Changed sdl2_ttf dependency to sdl2 due to sdl2 UI deprecat...stardust95
2021-07-03Updated sha256sum after bugfix.stardust95
2021-07-03Update to 3.60.1, fixed maintainer and contributor usernames.stardust95
2021-06-29Updated package description.stardust95
2021-06-29Update to 3.60.0stardust95
2021-05-03Updated again to new 3.56.1 commitsstardust95
2021-05-02Update to 3.56.1stardust95
2021-05-02Update to 3.56.0stardust95
2021-02-28Update to 3.55.0, new htmlmin build dep.stardust95
2021-02-17Update to 3.54.1, uses uglify-js and nodejs-clean-css-cli for compilation.stardust95
2021-01-29Update to 3.53.3stardust95
2021-01-20Update to 3.53.2stardust95
2021-01-18Now uses bootstrap, and updated 3.53.0stardust95
2021-01-17Update to 3.53.0stardust95
2021-01-07now uses ulfius from the official community reposstardust95
2021-01-06update to 3.52, contributor yochananmargosstardust95
2020-12-12update to 3.51stardust95
2020-11-04Add libulfius depedencystardust95
2020-11-01update to 3.50stardust95
2020-08-10update to 3.43stardust95
2020-05-24Now building from source, contribution from Namarrgonstardust95 symbolic link to libulfius.sostardust95
2020-05-01update to 3.41stardust95
2020-03-16revision 2stardust95
2020-03-16fixing missing link to
2020-03-16Update to 3.40stardust95
2019-10-25updated .SRCINFOstardust95
2019-10-25removed jack2 dependency, as there already is the generic jack one, to let th...stardust95
2019-10-25Initial commitstardust95