AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-02Upgrade lefthook to 0.7.7Andrey Novikov
2021-10-02Lefthook can be build for ARM64 architecture alsoAndrey Novikov
2021-05-14Upgrade lefthook to 0.7.5Andrey Novikov
2021-04-30Upgrade lefthook to 0.7.4Andrey Novikov
2021-04-23Upgrade lefthook to 0.7.3Andrey Novikov
2020-05-19Upgrade lefthook to 0.7.2Andrey Novikov
2020-02-03Upgrade lefthook to 0.7.1Andrey Novikov
2019-12-23Upgrade lefthook to 0.7.0Andrey Novikov
2019-12-16Upgrade lefthook to 0.6.7Andrey Novikov
2019-12-04Upgrade lefthook to 0.6.6Andrey Novikov
2019-11-16Upgrade lefthook to 0.6.5Andrey Novikov
2019-11-11Upgrade lefthook to 0.6.4Andrey Novikov
2019-07-15Upgrade lefthook to 0.6.3Andrey Novikov
2019-07-15Upgrade lefthook to 0.6.2Andrey Novikov
2019-07-15Upgrade lefthook to 0.6.1Andrey Novikov
2019-07-10Upgrade lefthook to 0.6.0Andrey Novikov
2019-07-03Upgrade lefthook to 0.5.7Andrey Novikov
2019-06-28Upgrade lefthook to 0.5.6Andrey Novikov
2019-06-21Upgrade lefthook to 0.5.5Andrey Novikov
2019-06-20Upgrade lefthook to 0.5.4Andrey Novikov
2019-06-17Upgrade lefthook to 0.5.3Andrey Novikov
2019-06-17Upgrade lefthook to 0.5.2Andrey Novikov
2019-06-14Upgrade lefthook to 0.5.0Andrey Novikov
2019-06-13Upgrade lefthook to 0.4.0Andrey Novikov
2019-05-16Upgrade lefthook to 0.3.3Andrey Novikov
2019-05-16Upgrade lefthook to 0.3.2Andrey Novikov
2019-05-07Publish lefthook version 0.3.1 to AURAndrey Novikov