AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysUpdate to 2.9.0Marcel Campello
2018-12-15Update to 2.8.3Marcel Campello
2017-10-30Update to 2.8.1Marcel Campello Ferreira
2017-10-19Update to 2.8.0Marcel Campello Ferreira
2017-03-10Update to 2.7.1Marcel Campello Ferreira
2016-08-26Update to 2.7.0Tobias Frilling
2016-04-22Added key for pgp checkingTobias Frilling
2016-04-21Add commented out PGP keyTobias Frilling
2016-04-19Download from release, not master branchTobias Frilling
2016-04-19Switch to standalone jar and add pgp checksTobias Frilling
2016-02-09Update to 2.6.1Tobias Frilling
2015-12-08Update to 2.5.3Tobias Frilling
2015-08-10Update to 2.5.2Tobias Frilling
2015-07-18Initial commitTobias Frilling