AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-18Remove leading 'r' from pkgverSebastian Karlsen
2021-04-18Fix build(): clean after build (based on leandro.vital's suggestion)Sebastian Karlsen
2021-04-18Update pkgver and pkgver() to use the RELEASE.rREVISION formSebastian Karlsen
2021-04-18Update maintainersSebastian Karlsen
2021-04-18Remove trailing tabsSebastian Karlsen
2019-11-03Update to r519.8327505 & Add shell completions and man pageIan Beringer
2019-04-15Update to r479.2c87b0dIan Beringer
2017-07-13Update to r228.fe05105Ian Beringer
2017-03-10Update to r216.249c447Ian Beringer
2017-01-14Update to r198.90e3a22Ian Beringer
2016-11-25Use custom license directoryIan Beringer
2016-10-03Fix build: get new dependenciesIan Beringer
2016-09-04Fix namcap errorsIan Beringer
2016-08-21Provide correct licenseIan Beringer
2016-08-21Initial commitIan Beringer