AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-27version bumpJoe Davison
2018-11-25Version bump for libtinyxmlJoe Davison
2018-09-153.4Joe Davison
2018-09-15Version bump for libboostJoe Davison
2018-03-31Version bump for libboostJoe Davison
2018-02-10Bump for libboostJoe Davison
2017-12-17Version bump to rebuildJoe Davison
2017-11-03version 3.3Joe Davison
2017-03-073.2 with GOG Galaxy support.Joe Davison
2017-01-133.1Joe Davison
2016-11-19remove tinyxml as it has been supersededJoe Davison
2016-11-193.0 srcinfoJoe Davison
2016-11-193.0Joe Davison
2016-05-14Will build so long as boost is upgradedJoe Davison
2016-05-07will not build with GCC6 at present, require 5Joe Davison
2016-05-05update to 2.28Joe Davison
2016-03-26tabbingJoe Davison
2016-03-26apply patch to fix build with latest jsoncppJoe Davison
2016-03-25does not build with newest jsoncppJoe Davison
2016-03-12add cmake to makedependsJoe Davison
2016-03-12update to 2.27Joe Davison
2016-01-08rebuild for boostJoe Davison
2016-01-08rebuild for boostJoe Davison
2016-01-08rebuild for boostJoe Davison
2015-10-202.26Joe Davison
2015-10-202.26Joe Davison
2015-06-23Initial importTea23