AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-04Update liana-bin package to Liana v5Antoine Poinsot
2023-12-15Update liana-bin package to Liana v4Antoine Poinsot
2023-11-03Bump pkg rel in SRCINFO tooAntoine Poinsot
2023-11-03Update Debian archive hash after updateAntoine Poinsot
2023-11-03Update to latest 3.0 release of LianaAntoine Poinsot
2023-09-07Derive the PKGBUILD from our .deb packageAntoine Poinsot
2023-09-07Update PKGBUILD to the second major release of LianaAntoine Poinsot
2023-08-18Update to latest Liana release (1.1)Antoine Poinsot
2023-08-18PKGBUILD for Liana first releaseAntoine Poinsot