AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysbump to 2019.Q4.2lod
2019-10-22remove msglod
2019-10-22bump to 2019.Q4.1lod
2019-10-12fixed wrong checksumlod
2019-09-25added github link to known issuelod
2019-09-24use latest MetroHashlod
2019-09-24bump to 2019.Q3.6lod
2019-09-23add build flagslod
2019-09-23rename MetroHashlod
2019-09-23add CWPacklod
2019-08-29add MetroHash and bump to 2019.Q3.5lod
2019-08-15bump to 2019.Q3.4lod
2019-07-29remove -j and -l flags from ninjalod
2019-07-29bump to 2019.Q3.3lod
2019-07-16bump to 2019.Q3.2lod
2019-07-15changed filenames of downloaded packageslod
2019-07-02remove -Werror only from pal cmakelod
2019-07-02bump to 2019.Q3.1lod
2019-06-26new descriptionlod
2019-06-26new descriptionlod
2019-06-26new descriptionlod
2019-06-26clean uplod
2019-06-25clean uplod
2019-06-25removed spvgenlod
2019-06-25initial commitlod