AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-26Update to 0.8.1Alexandre Demers
2020-06-21Split dav1d decoder (executable) from the libdav1d libraryAlexandre Demers
2020-06-21Fix license warning + keep bin contentAlexandre Demers
2020-06-21Update to 0.7.1Alexandre Demers
2020-05-25Added .asc file now that it is availableAlexandre Demers
2020-05-25Update to 0.7.0Alexandre Demers
2020-05-09Rebuild against latest libplacebo and fix env variables for compilationAlexandre Demers
2020-03-29Update to 0.6.0Alexandre Demers
2019-12-05Update to 0.5.2 and use cross-compilation file with mesonAlexandre Demers
2019-08-16Force CC and CXX to solve a compilation problemAlexandre Demers
2019-08-15Initial commitAlexandre Demers