AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-25Upgrade to upstream version 2.10.36Behnam Momeni
2023-07-21Drop lib32-openexr dependencyBehnam Momeni
2023-07-21Change upstream URL to + Drop some optional depsBehnam Momeni
2023-05-11Upgrade to upstream version 2.10.34Behnam Momeni
2022-06-30Upgrade to upstream version 2.10.32Behnam Momeni
2022-02-05Upgrade to upstream version 2.10.30Behnam Momeni
2021-10-15Upgrade to upstream version 2.10.28Behnam Momeni
2021-05-07Disable help browser pluginBehnam Momeni
2021-04-30Upgrade to version 2.10.24Behnam Momeni
2021-02-11Upgrade to upstream version 2.10.22Behnam Momeni
2020-07-23Update to upstream version 2.10.20Behnam Momeni
2020-03-16Upgrading to version 2.10.18Behnam Momeni
2020-01-31Updating .gitignore fileBehnam Momeni
2020-01-31Upgrading to version 2.10.14Behnam Momeni
2017-03-14update packageEvert
2017-02-26fix srcinfoEvert
2016-02-19Reflect version in official repository (2.8.16)osvein
2015-08-12Initial importosvein