AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-08update to 1.0.22Ondřej Hošek
2022-08-02update to 1.0.21Ondřej Hošek
2022-07-26update to 1.0.20, fixes to MakefileOndřej Hošek
2022-01-26bump pkgrelOndřej Hošek
2022-01-26reduce 32-bit-specific dependencies to those actually requiredOndřej Hošek
2020-03-30update to 1.0.19Ondřej Hošek
2019-02-23correct 32-bit-specific dependenciesOndřej Hošek
2018-08-01update to 1.0.18Ondřej Hošek
2018-01-17update to 1.0.17Ondřej Hošek
2015-06-08initial import (with an update)Ondřej Hošek